"To meet Wind Spirit King, you must dedicate an Energy Seed to the Altar of Wind. You can find an Energy Seed inside Pots on Frost Wind Hill."


Talk to the Frost Wind Tribe Elder Yshirluk to start the quest. He will ask you to dedicate an Energy Seed to the Altar of Wind on Frost Wind Hill. To get the Energy Seed you must search the Pot at the top of Frost Wind Hill.

Once you are done doing any quests you may want to do in Frost Wind Village, head North out of the village. You will have to get past level 9 Wargs and Mammoths. Follow the path upwards (it curves alot) until you reach the top. You can either fight your way through the Wargs and Mammoths, or run past them.

Once you reach the top, search the Pot at the top of the Hill. You will be forced to fight two level 9 and one level 10 Wind Fairy. Once these are defeated, you will obtain an Energy Seed. Head north through to the top of the hill and 'talk' to the Altar of Wind to use your Energy Seed with it. This will start the cutscene where you talk to the Wind Spirit Kind. After this cutscene, quest will end and you will get a reward.


  • 175 EXP

Quest Navigation

Vasily's Help 2 <<< Wind Spirit King >>> Reporting to the Orc Elder

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