"To pass the Frost Wind Cave, you must obtain a Blood Crystal Spider Leg from Blood Crystal Spiders lurking deep inside the cave, and insert it into the Frost Wind Warrior Sword Sheath."


Talk to the Frost Wind Warrior Statue in the middle of the Frost Wind cave to start this quest. He will ask you to obtain a Blood Crystal Spider Leg from a Blood Crystal Spider deep inside the cave. To find these spiders, follow the cave around the path to the North-East. You will have to fight (or run past) Crystal Spiders which are level 8. This part may require some HP supplement, preferably Healing Potion (S), however I outran the spiders without at hitch at level 5.

Once you reach the Blood Crystal Spider (you can tell it apart fom regular spiders because it is red), you will have to fight and defeat it to obtain it's leg. The Blood Crystal Spider is level 9, but is strong for it's level - it has high HP and damage.

Once you have defeated the spider, pick up the leg and move slightly south of where the spider was. There will be a quest icon over a rock. This is where you must move and press the action button to end the quest.


  • Strength Potion
  • 300 EXP
  • 1 Silver, 71 Copper
  • Passage through the Frost Wind Cave

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