I've finished tanning the leather for the Adulthood
Ceremony Dresses, and now it's time to imprint them
with our traditional emblems, which symbolize peace.
When you go to the Islet at West Carnia, you'll find
Chief Charmer Shuiga. Please bring this Dress
Fabric to her, and then Charmer Shuiga will
make the Adulthood Ceremony Dresses.
-Tanner Chess


The Adulthood Ceremony Dress quest is one encountered early on in the game. You must simply walk the Dress Fabric over to Charmer Shuliga. As you approach the house, Lucio meets Ameli and 'Apprentice Charmer' who whispers in Ameli's ear. Ameli breifly mentions the Adulthood Ceremony, and asks whether Lucio is nervous.

Once the talking is done, you can advance into Charmer Shuliga's house and talk to her to devliver the fabric.


  • 15 Exp
  • 11 Cooper
  • Traditional Lether Armor or Traditional Cloth Robe

Main Quest Navigation

<<< Adulthood Ceremony Dress (quest) >>> Traditional Dress Delivery

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